01 Exquisite definition and its purpose?

The Exquisite is an innovative response for all increasing demands in today’s market. Specialized in tourism and catering sectors, as well as the gastronomic repertoire, the platform is targeting hotels and restaurants that want to position themselves as leaders in their area of expertise. Objects that manage to satisfy the criteria of our team of experts will be awarded with the Exquisite certification of quality and find themselves alongside the top contenders, eventually taking the spot on the market pedestal. The main purpose of the platform is to constantly promote, present and improve objects that provide major efforts to enhance and perfect every single component of their service, whether it is a creative culinary masterpiece, accompanied with the most delicious groceries, luxurious but authentic interior design, ambience as an unreachable category that only the best can acquire and an outstanding level of hygiene as a basic that is constantly monitored and improved.

02 How to acquire the Exquisite certificate?

The Exquisite certificate is awarded following three control processes by a prominent panel, composed of an expert team in a gastro-hotel-catering sector. The first process involves a thorough hygiene control and regulation in the facility, followed by a detailed supervision in the food processing department.

The first control process involves a thorough control of hygiene conditions in the facility itself, control of the process of receiving, storing and processing the food. The process number two grades food preparation, serving and organoleptic food characteristics. The final process evaluates the catering and hospitality service.

The pre-conditions for implementation of these three controlling processes is top-notch elegance within interior and exterior of the facility itself.


03 Who is a part of the Academic committee?

Famed and prominent experts in the gastro-hotel-catering sector, members of the committee, appointed auditors of the Exquisite certificate