What is an EXQUISITE certificate
and how to attain it?

 How to acquire Exquisite certificate?

EXQUISITE brand and certificate resulted as a cooperation between Carica Nova company and accredited certification company ADRIACERT. 

ADRIACERT as accredited certification company has developed personalized International Standard for Quality and Hygiene – ISQ. Along with the standard there has been developed very detailed and challenging check list (list of location verification) and grading policy which determinates way of grading and how to score points for each hospitality operation. 

EXQUISITE certification process is based on national requirements for safety, traceability and sustainability. On clients request, EQUISITE expertize committee checks hospitality operation based ISQ policy and assigns adequate grade of quality. When report is deliver to ADRIACERT, certification company approves process of assignments of the certificate with right categorization to the hospitality operation due to requirements that are fulfilled to meet criteria. 

Certification process starts with clients request for ISQ certificate. First step includes detailed control of hygiene criteria on sight, control of entrance of food and beverages, storage and proper food processing. Second step includes control of food preparation, plating, and control of organoleptic food characteristic. Final step includes grading of hospitality service. 

All grading and verification is done by competent, trained and respectable ADRIACERT and EXQUISITE auditors (quality committee). Based on number of points attained they grade the hospitality operation and deliver ISQ certificate with mark EXQUISITE QUALITY. 

Once attained certificate with belonging EXQUISITE mark, hospitality operation proves that all the actions were taken to secure: 

Safety, traceability and long term sustainability of the operation. 

ISQ system is not reduced only to hospitality services but can include: 

➢ Small primary food producers and suppliers. 

Family farms of different kind. 

EXQUISITE platform will enable connection between small suppliers and family farms with hospitality sector, and its excellent way to maintain safety, traceability and long term sustainability of all included parties. 

That is for sure first and the only brand that connects professionals from hospitality industry with small suppliers and family farms. 

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